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Summer School 2017


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We have a few more yearbooks to sell. Please drop in to the office to purchase one if you were not able to get one earlier.



We are saddened by the passing of our school principal, Mr. Wade Smith. We are hurting but we are leaning on one another to find strength. We have additional supports in place to help our students and staff through this difficult time.

We thank everyone, those from near and from afar, for their condolences, messages of support and acts of kindness. #WadeStrong

Graduation Write Up

Grad Write-Up


 Citadel community please make sure you return overdue library books and any textbooks no longer in use. 

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Families must register with their appropriate Vice Principal

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 We have created an online classroom where grads can go into and submit their grad write-ups for the yearbook. The password is rcrafrq. Simply go to Google classrooms sign on for this class and submit your write up there. If you have already typed or written your grad write up you can submit it at the office with Mrs. Farrell. We will have more information on how to order your yearbook soon.

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There has been a time change for the graduation ceremony. This years graduation will now be held at 9:00 am at the Halifax Forum on Thursday June 29th. The parking for this event will be limited so please plan accordingly. Again please note that the new start time for the ceremony is 9:00 am.

Important Community Information 

At Citadel High, we exemplify core values of independence, personal responsibility, and a strong work ethic. We understand that an educational experience amounts to more than the content of the curriculum, and that being in a classroom environment, where they interact in dynamic ways with their teachers and fellow students, is of irreplaceable value to all students. We also understand that there are times when it is necessary for students to miss time, and that these decisions are made with the whole family in mind. To that end, we would like to offer the following suggestions to parents/caregivers of students who miss time….
It is very important to note that parents/students cannot expect (ask) for work prior to extended absences. 
  1. All parents/students will be asked to contact each teacher directly to discuss options/plans for missed work and the best option for that teacher and subject. Not all ways of catching up will be the same.
  1. Students can contact teacher after they arrive back from their absences to get missed work.
  2. Students can use a “study buddy” to gather missed work from the teacher each day for them.
  3. A teacher can be contacted each day after the lesson to get missed work.


*Extra help is solely at the discretion of the individual teacher.

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