Business Education


Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Accounting 11 Accounting 12
Entrepreneurship 12

Accounting 11

Academic 1 credit

This course deals with the basic principles of accounting. Topics include: balance sheets, accounts payable, accounts receivable, trial balances, income statements, bank reconciliation statements and accounting simulations. Students will learn how to keep a set of books for both a service business and a merchandising business.

Accounting 12

Academic 1 credit

This course deals with complex accounting transactions and financial statements. Topics include: payroll accounting, corporate accounting, cost accounting, inventory control. It is taught with the use of computers and Bedford Accounting software, a program that covers the conversion from a manual accounting system to a computerized accounting system. Students will learn how to prepare computerized financial reports (balance sheets, income statements, payroll, etc.)

Recommended Prerequisite: Accounting 11

Entrepreneurship 12

Academic 1 credit

Are you highly motivated? Are you ready to make a plan for the future? Have you ever considered starting a small business? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, this course is for you! This course will provide students with a number of skills which will help them set-up and run a small business. The focus of Entrepreneurship 12 is “learning by doing” and therefore, students of Entrepreneurship 12 will engage in a number of hands-on activities that will help them prepare for a business career.

As part of the Entrepreneurship 12 program students are required to participate in a number of activities outside of the classroom, including:

  • Participation in school based activities in which students play a leadership role. Activities may include but are not limited to Students’ Council, Safe Grad, Year Book, and Athletic teams.
  • Students will set up and run a small business in the school.
  • Students will shadow an entrepreneur and learn about the day to day tasks involved in this demanding career.
  • Students will create a professional business plan, which could be used to apply for CEED Students in Business loan.