Family Studies

Family Studies prepares the students with skills for life. It provides: a foundation for many courses in post-secondary institutions and careers in the health services professions.


Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Family Studies 10 Child Studies 11 Food Studies and Hospitality 12

Family Studies 10

Open1 credit

Family Studies 10 is comprised of two units Foods for Healthy Living and either International Foods or Textile Production:

Unit 1 – Foods for Healthy Living: .5 credit

Energy, growth, and health are affected by healthy food choices. Students will plan and prepare meals that complement a healthy lifestyle. The course will explore how lifestyle choices and food availability affect diet and students will learn to identify nutrition issues that require dietary modifications. The impact of food marketing and advertising on people’s food choices will be addressed.

Unit 2 will include either International Foods or Textile Production

International Foods: .5 credit

International Foods 10 (Open) is one of the half–credit options that may be combined with another course for a full Family Studies 10 credit. Students “travel” on a virtual global foods tour exploring diverse historical, geographical, cultural and nutritional components of international cuisine. The course includes discussions with community guest speakers, demonstrations, and food tasting experiences. Students examine global food issues affecting individuals, families and communities locally and around the world.

Child Studies 11

Open1 credit

Child Studies 11 develops the student’s concept of being a caregiver into a broader understanding of parenthood. The course is designed to engage students in practical learning experiences so as to enhance skill development when working with children. Students will learn about related career opportunities throughout the course. Child Studies 11 is organized into 6 modules: Parenting and Family Relationships, Human Development, Nurture and Care of Infants and Children, Interacting with Children, Community Connections and the Practicum.

Food Studies and Hospitality 12

Open1 credit

This is an introductory program with a curriculum designed to explore food studies through a hospitality perspective. Students will have the opportunity to learn about basic food preparation skills both for personal development and for entry level employment possibilities. Professional food presentation and service are also explored.