Options and opportunities

The goals of the “Options and Opportunities” Program are for students to develop a career plan, transition to community college, university, or youth apprenticeship, and to find satisfying work within Nova Scotia.

This program is about helping students make connections between what they are learning in school and post-secondary programs and/or work. The O2 program is offered to 20 students per year through an application process. Students enter the O2 program in grade 10 only.

In grade 10, approximately half of the courses are taken as a cohort. Two of these courses are Career Development and Community Based Learning which are the core courses of the program in this year. Students participate in a number of out of school learning opportunities and are expected to volunteer within the school and larger community.

In grade 11 and 12, approximately 25% of O2 classes are taken as a cohort in addition to participating in the Cooperative Education Program. Students identify possible career interests and are placed accordingly. Each CO-OP class they take is equivalent to 100 hours of Community Based Learning and is worth one high school credit.

Students who graduate from O2 will have fulfilled all graduation requirements and earned a high school diploma as well as an Options and Opportunities Certificate. In addition, they will have also graduated with a greater understanding of their skills, knowledge and strengths, a portfolio and career plan, a minimum of four co-operative education credits, and an understanding of the post-secondary options available at Nova Scotia Community College and through apprenticeship.

Upon completion of their third year, students receive priority seating in a program of their choosing at the Nova Scotia Community College. Priority seating may not apply in programs in which an interview or portfolio is required for admission.

If you have questions about the O2 program please contact Debra Wilson, O2 coordinator.