Graduation Requirements

18 credits are required to graduate, 13 of which are compulsory.

The following 13 compulsory credits are required for graduation:

  • 3 English Language Arts (one at each grade level)
  • 2 Mathematics (from two different grade levels)
  • 2 Sciences (a “first science” credit and 1 other)
  • 1 Fine Arts (Art, Dance, Drama, Music Band/Strings/Theory/Vocals)
  • 1 Physical Education (from Phys Ed 10, Physically Active Living 11, Mode de Vie Actif 11F, Dance 11, Yoga 11, Phys Ed 11, Fitness Leadership 11, Phys Ed 12, Phys Ed Leadership 12)
  • 1 Canadian History course (Mi’kmaq Studies 10, Canadian History 11, Histoire du Canada 11F, African Canadian Studies 11, or Gaelic Studies 11)
  • 2 other credits from Technology, Mathematics or Science
  • 1 Global Studies (Global Geography 12, Global History 12 or Géographie Planétaires 12F)

Additional Notes:

  • No more than 7 of the 18 credits may be from courses coded as Grade 10 and at least 5 must be from courses coded as Grade 12.
  • Only one credit will be given for a course in the same subject at the same grade level, although both will show on the student transcript. For example, if a student completes English Communications 12 and English 12, it will only count as one credit toward the 18 credits required for graduation.