Student Council

The Student Council Room is located on the first floor in Seminar Room 1A. Please come visit us if you have     any questions or concerns.


Tom Tzagarakis

Bocar Wade

They are responsible for overseeing council as a whole and they keep the committees connected to each other         and the school. They also keep council and Citadel connected to other schools throughout the HRM.


Alex Oprea

Noah Brown

The goal of their committee is to ensure that everyone knows about upcoming events, whether it’s Gaga Ball in the cafeteria, Humans vs. Zombies, or the Root Beer Mile. Their committee makes posters, uses social media, word of mouth, and announcements to keep the student body informed and up to date.


Sean Cody

Their committee focuses on maintaining, setting up and running tech for any and all of Citadel’s events. Wether it’s music in the caf at lunch, a sports game, or even when it comes time for the musical in April.


Hannah Estabrook

Their goal is to address environmental issues in the school and local community by taking action, raising funds and awareness, and building a strong environmental community within the school.

Student Treasurers

Ivanseth Ong
James Davy

They are the treasurers for Citadel’s Student Council. They take care and keep track of the finances of student council.


Jade Frazer

Their goal is to raise awareness and funds for third world countries, international organizations, and natural disasters.


Liam Manderville

Their goal is to put on fun and interactive events for everyone to enjoy as well as promote and recognize Citadel’s teams & athletes throughout the year.



Saisha Rankaduwa

They work with local charities, organizations, and initiatives to raise funds and awareness. The main goal of community committee is to try to bring important opportunities and topics from around Halifax, and bring them into Citadel High School.


Hannah Meeson

The exec secretary takes minutes at meetings, and completes other organization tasks for the exec team. She also organizes contact with the committee secretaries, to keep the committee organization unified.


Drew Williams

Their committee focuses on making sure that the students, teachers, events and sports games are all filled with Citadel High School spirit during the year! This is done by attending sports games with bambams and face paint in hand with cheers ready to go, by holding events such as Spirit week, Mascot tryouts, Phoenix Phest, prep rallies, and more! We also look for new ways to keep people enthusiastic about all events held at Citadel.


Sarah Workman