Nova Scotian graduation requirements

  • 18 credits are required to graduate —
    13 of these are compulsory
  • 3 English Language Arts — one at each grade level
  • 2 Mathematics — from two different grade levels
  • 2 Sciences — a “first science” credit and 1 other – see course descriptions
  • 1 Canadian History course — Mi’kmaq Studies 10, Canadian History 11, Histoire du Canada 11F, African Canadian Studies 11, or Gaelic Studies 11
  • 1 Global Studies — Global Geography 12, Global History 12 or Géographie Planétaires 12F
  • 1 Physical Education — from Phys Ed 10, Physically Active Living 11, Mode de Vie Actif 11F, Dance 11, Phys Ed 11, Yoga 11, Phys Ed 12, Phys Ed Leadership 12, Dance 12
  • 1 Fine Arts — Art, Dance, Drama, Music Band/Strings/Theory/Vocals
  • 2 other credits from Technology, Mathematics or Science
  • No more than 7 of the 18 credits may be from courses coded as Grade 10 and at least 5 must be from courses coded as Grade 12.
  • Only one credit will be given for a course in the same subject at the same grade level, although both will show on the student transcript. For example, if a student completes English Communications 12 and English 12, it will only count as one credit toward the 18 credits required for graduation.

Post-Secondary admission requirements

Listed below are the grade 12 courses required for several post-secondary programs.
It is important to check the specifics for each institution as they vary, especially outside Nova Scotia.

University entrance requirements

Bachelor of Arts
English + 4 other academic courses
Bachelor of Science
English, Pre-Calculus Math, 2 Sciences + 1 other academic course
Bachelor of Commerce
English, Mathematics (in some cases Pre-Calculus) + 3 other academic courses
Bachelor of Engineering
English, Pre-Calculus Math, Chemistry, Physics + 1 other academic course
Calculus is required for Science and Engineering in many universities outside of Atlantic Canada.
Bachelor of Computer Science
English, Pre-Calculus Math + 3 other academic courses
Bachelor of Nursing
English, Math (academic) Chemistry, Biology + 1 other academic course

Community college requirements

Grade 12 or equivalent (some programs have specific subject requirements, particularly in mathematics and science).